Truck Dumper and Barge Loading System

Truck Dumper and Barge Loading System

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Complete truck dumping, stockpiling, reclaiming and barge loading system comprised of the following: 1) Phelps Industries Model AX265FB63 Truck Dumper; 2) 48" X 155' transfer conveyor w/catwalk; 3) 48" X 120' radial stacking conveyor with powered radial travel w/catwalk; 4) grade level reclaim feed hopper with load bearing structural grate; 5) 48" X 50' drag chain conveyor; 6) 48" X 180' stationary barge loading conveyor w/catwalk; 7) barge moving winch system and control station; Price will include complete dismantling, handling and loading on trucks. Transport by barge can be estimated as an option to loading the equipment onto trucks.

The truck dumper (tipper) has a 65' tread plate deck and catwalks and raises to a maximum angle of 63 degrees. There is an adjustable height backstop table to minimize loss. The dumped solids are conveyed away from the dump end and out the discharge end of the transfer hopper by a 12' wide live floor utilizing 6 strands of WD480 drag chain. The lift is powered by a 1,200 gpm hydraulic power unit. This system was originally designed for handling wood chips but it is adaptable to other bulk solids such as produce, bark, wood waste, tires, etc.... This is a low hour system and is still in good condition.


ManufacturerPhelps Industries