About Us

mike-pic.jpegMGB & Company delivers focused, individualized service to buyers and sellers all over the U.S. and the world. Taking into account the objectives of both buyers and sellers, we forge “Win-Win”, high value deals that build trust and bring buyers and sellers back year after year.

Our philosophy centers around value and integrity. For a deal to be made and actually work, we know we must bring value to the table in the same way that the buyer and the seller bring value or we are not necessary! And as far as integrity goes, that is the cornerstone of the value we bring. Since we live from deal to deal, integrity has to be more than a buzz word or catch phrase, we have to handle and treat it for what it is: our #1 asset!

MGB & Company is located in central Texas, less than a 3 hour drive from Texas’s capital and three largest cities.

Mike Bandas, Owner and CDMO —“Chief Deal-Making Officer” — has been involved in the heavy construction and mining and materials industries since 1982.