MGB can help you find equipment you need or sell equipment you own that is surplus to operations.


The Buying services we provide take two basic forms which are summarized here:

1. We locate a specified piece of equipment and then broker the deal to buy it and resell it to you.

2. You pay us a fixed fee (in two parts) plus relevant expenses to find a specified piece of equipment for which we negotiate a purchase agreement and you buy the machine direct from the owner for cost.

In both cases, we inspect the machine to determine that its actual condition is accurately represented in the words and pictures used to communicate its condition. Nonetheless, we always recommend that you or your company’s representative perform your own inspection prior to buying.


Our Selling service is our number one service and has helped many companies reduce their surplus equipment inventory and recover cash for operations and additional investment. Here are the basic steps and features of the service:

1. You show us the machine or machines you want to sell.

2. We take pictures and negotiate and a target sale price that satisfies your company’s requirements.

3. Subsequent to negotiating an acceptable target price, we list and publish the pictures and descriptions of your machine(s) on our website, several industry leading web-based market places as well as featuring it in out monthly print ad in Rock and Dirt and, periodically, other international publications.

4. We receive and handle all inquiries about the machine, as well as meet prospective buyers on site for them to see and inspect the machine for themselves.

5. We negotiate a sale of the asset through MGB based on the target or, in some cases, a revised price, collect the payment and immediately pay you the final agreed upon price prior to releasing the machine for loading.

6. In most cases, MGB assumes the costs and responsibility for preparing the machine for shipping, as well as the rigging and crane rental costs.

7. In the case of sales to foreign buyers, MGB handles all aspects of international and overseas shipping from your site to the final destination abroad.

We’d love to help you buy or sell what you are looking for. Contact us today to talk about your needs!